I started snapping pictures in 1978 when my dad handed me my first camera. I grew up with that camera in my hands so I was always looking at the world through a lens. After high school, I entered the U.S. Navy Photo School in 1986 and spent five years as a military photographer shooting portraits, damaged parts, and developing recon photos. Those years taught me much more about myself than they did about photography.


I really enjoy getting to know new people. Everyone has a story. To immortalize those stories with photographs is probably my best use of this gift. Every photo shoot is a new experience. Expression is paramount to capturing great images of people. The real pay dirt is the interaction and rapport building to bring out the most authentic self I can. I try to invoke an atmosphere of trust and enjoyment in all my shoots. A wise photographer once told me to allow, even expect to make many mistakes. This will allow you to discover the really great work.